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El Cambio is the debut studio album by Miguel de la Bastide. It was recorded at La Bastide Productions and mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel in Toronto Canada in 1998.

The album contains four re-recorded tracks that were previously released under the Narada Productions label onto various Flamenco and Nuevo Flamenco compilations. "Morir Soñando" was previously recorded in 1996 as "Morí Soñando" and was one of his first contributions to the compilation Flamenco: Fire and Grace. The other was "Viajeros", which was originally titled "Viajero". "Calle Torrecillo del Leal" was originally titled "Torrecillo del Leal" on the compilation Gypsy Passion in 1997. "A Mi Carmen" was originally titled "Mi Carmen" on the compilation Gypsy Soul in 1998.

Two tracks from this album were later included in Narada compilations: "Candela" was his contribution to Gypsy Fire in early 2000 and a shortened version of the title track, renamed "El Cambio (edit)" on Viva Flamenco! in the later part of 2000, which was the highly anticipated sequel to "Flamenco: Fire and Grace".

El Cambio Audio Samples Here

Siento is the second studio album by Miguel de la Bastide. It was recorded and mastered at La Bastide Productions in Toronto Canada in 2003.

All titles were composed and arranged by Miguel de la Bastide with the exception of track 7 "Amanecer", it was co-written, co-arranged and co-produced with Elliot Zeitoune at KTP Music Productions.

This album is also an Enhanced CD that was compatible with PC and Mac (OS9 only) computers at the time of production. The interactive CD-ROM has a main menu with the following tabs "About Siento", "Biography", "El Cambio", "Compilations", "Photo Album" and "Web Site". The tab "El Cambio" has four sample audio tracks from his first album El Cambio, along with the music video of the same name. It also has CD-TEXT, where titles are seen on any compatible player.

In 2005, the titles Rocío de la Cubana, Tentación, Reflejo and Siento were selected by Somerset Entertainment and was placed on the compilation "Mistica – The Passion of the Spanish Guitar".

Siento Audio Samples Here

"Miguel de la Bastide, one of David Phillips' top students, is among the most respected flamenco guitarists not only in Canada but in the rest of the flamenco world.

Prior to filming Miguel's interview for EL PAYO, he began playing a beautiful Rumba which I was fortunate to capture as I accidentally left the camera on while I was setting up lights. At that time, he mentioned that he'd had the Rumba in his head for a while and planned to record it at a later time.

Four years after that interview, Miguel recorded 'Los Sueños si se Hacen Realidad' (Dreams Can Become Reality), written for his daughter, Raquel. The piece has a colorful, soulful and addictive sound that is unmistakably his." by Max Montalvo (executive producer of EL PAYO)

Over the years, Miguel has collaborated with other brilliant performers and recorded works that you may have missed. Here are just a few.