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Here are some archival videos that you SHOULD NOT find on YouTube. :) More to come!

The most recent will appear on top.

Volver A Nacer (Bulerías)

Here's an excerpt of my solo "Volver A Nacer (bulerí́as)" performed at Fernando's show "A DOCE PASOS" on November 7th, 2015 at Club Hispano. The video was originally for archival purposes, so it's not the best quality. The beautiful hook line was written by Anthony Farrugia that inspired me to write the rest of the piece. Many thanks to Anthony, Paul Ormandy (percussion), Benjamin Barrile (palmas) and Fernando Gallego Torres (palmas), I had a great time. Cheers

Mi Porteñita (Bulerías)

Here's an excerpt of my solo piece "Mi Porteñita (bulerías)" performed at Fernando's "De Vuelta y Media" on March 21st, 2015 at Club Hispano. This piece was written for and dedicated to my wonderful wife Laura.

Torrecillo del Leal (Rumba)

Here's the guitar duet of "Torrecilla del Leal (rumba)" performed at Fernando's "De Vuelta y Media" on March 21st, 2015 at Club Hispano with Michael Kavanagh on second guitar, Fernando Gallego Torres (palmas) and Yordanis O'Reilly Hechavarria on percussion. This version is the way I like to hear it done!

Hasta Durmiendo La Oigo (Alegrí́as)

This beautiful Alegrías was originally done in 2011 to quickly test an audio recording device that I was going to use during live performances. I talked my lovely wife into singing and I loved the way it turned out with the intimate atmosphere and clarity of the audio.

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