Learning Flamenco Guitar

... with Miguel de la Bastide

Miguel has over two and a half decades of teaching experience with a track record of professional results and many of his students have gone on to become performers all around the world. He teaches all levels in private classes at a safe and convenient location here in Toronto, Canada.

  • Beginners will learn all the basic techniques and all the basic palos (forms) that will allow them to interact with other Flamenco guitarists, as well as with guitarists from other genres.
  • Intermediate students will then learn how to accompany baile (dance) and cante (song), a completely different skill set. Utilizing more advanced tools (techniques) that are then applied to the knowledge of song and dance, the true knowledge of Flamenco.
  • Advanced students will learn more in-depth approaches to accompaniment using counterpointing and polyrhythms. Armed with this knowledge, they will then have acquired enough experience and knowledge on flamenco-centric harmonies and scales, to begin writing their own compositions.

Students also get to take with them video support for portions of the lesson, that greatly enhances their learning.

A couple times a year, Miguel's students attend Jam Night, an event that gives them a chance to interact with mostly other guitarists of various levels and sometimes with dancers and singers. This opportunity is an important one, since Flamenco, and music in general is a social art form and is why we play the guitar.

To book classes or for more information, e-mail at miguel@migueldelabastide.net

Of course, not everyone lives in Toronto, Canada. That's why there are...

Many years ago, Miguel has had the honor of studying from the following teachers: Allan Torok, David Phillips, Guillermo Rios, Jose Valle Fajardo "Chuscales", Lorenzo Uirseda Barca, Léo Avellaneda Molina, La Tati, Ciro, Cristobal Reyes, Paco Romero, Javier Cruz and Domingo Ortega.